Home Retention

Gross Polowy understands the value of turning a non-performing loan into a performing one. To this end, Gross Polowy’s loss mitigation procedure is focused on assisting the servicer determine if there is a viable home retention option, whether this is pre-commencement or post-commencement, or in court supervised settlement conferences.

We believe the Settlement Conferences can be the most important part of your action and that consistency will help promote productive negotiations. To this end, we have structured our conference department so that the same attorney appears in the same county and on the same files. This allows the attorney to not only be fully familiar with each file, but also assures subject matter expertise with individual county practices. This consistency also allows the attorney to build and develop positive relationships with referees and court personnel. The hands on approach also provides our clients with the knowledge and confidence that the attorney appearing on their behalf has substantive knowledge of each file, including the history of settlement negotiations, document review and loss mitigation status. The attorney preparation prior to the conferences and follow-up subsequent to them are specifically designed to facilitate accelerated loss mitigation resolution or, alternatively, release from the State court conference. The firm’s attorneys regularly reach out to various legal aid groups and defense counsel to ensure open lines of communication in order to settle cases.