USFN Announces Gross Polowy as a 2023 Award of Excellence Recipient

USFN, an industry trade organization representing America’s mortgage banking attorneys, is pleased to reveal its 2023 Award of Excellence recipients. Gross Polowy was announced as a recipient during the annual member meeting.

Adam Gross, Partner, addressed the membership at large during the meeting to share “We are
currently wrapping up our first year as a USFN Member. Looking back, it’s easy to see the
inspiring, transformative effects that membership has brought to us in the last year.

We envision ourselves and our esteemed peers as the best and most intelligent member firms in the
industry, while offering our unique contributions and perspectives to the most relevant discussions on issues facing the servicing community today. USFN brings the right people to the right tables for the big discussions, which means we can create change where change is needed and shape the path forward to the benefit for all.

The USFN platform is one of the richest opportunities for our attorneys to share their voice on
issues in our jurisdictions, and step confidently on a path to leadership. We believe we have yet
to tap fully into all the opportunity that USFN provides and look forward to the years ahead as we grow into the future.

“Award of Excellence recipients are members who in addition to contributing and
participating in USFN programs and publications are also involved in the industry and their
local communities. We evaluate applicants against rigorous standards and selection criteria,
awarding firms who symbolize our commitment to quality education, networking, and partnerships,”
said USFN CEO Pamela L. Donahoo, CAE. “The Award of Excellence is our tradition of
recognizing the invaluable contributions and leadership of our members.”

Award of Excellence recipients are USFN members in good standing who have exhibited a high level of engagement and support of the Association’s events, publications, training, and other resources built on the expertise of USFN members. For over 30 years, USFN has served as the nation’s preeminent trade association of law firms focused on creditors’ rights. The Award of Excellence program was initiated in 1993 to recognize and encourage member firms to develop and maintain high standards of excellence in service to the industry and their community.

### About USFN
USFN is a national, nonprofit trade association that has represented America’s leading mortgage
banking attorneys for more than 30 years. With its robust educational offerings and reference
publications, along with stringent qualifications for membership, USFN remains the premiere, go-to organization for creditors’ rights legal services providers serving the mortgage banking industry. Learn more about the organization at