Client Alert: Clearing the Backlog in Kings County, New York

On April 12, 2022, Justice Cenceria Edwards held a meeting with several foreclosure plaintiff’s
firms to outline her plan for prosecution of residential foreclosure matters in Supreme Court, Kings County. Justice Edwards became the Presiding Justice of the Foreclosure Part in late 2021, and is new to foreclosure litigation…(click the link below for the full article)

04-25-22 Gross Polowy Alert – Clearing the Backlog in Kings County New York




Brian Goldberg, Esq. Industry Panelist at 2021 ALFN FC Intersect

The rules of engagement in the default servicing arena can change quickly, and those changes can create new litigation challenges for lenders and servicers. This requires subject matter expertise, and legal professionals who are well known, and well experienced in their jurisdictions.

As a featured panelist Brian Goldberg, Esq., our Supervising Attorney over Litigation, Mediation and Trials, will speak to these very trends at the upcoming American Legal and Financial Network {ALFN} Foreclosure Intersect Conference at the Marriott Dallas Las Colinas this week.

Good attorneys know the law. Great attorneys know the law, the trends, and the Judges.

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